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About Us

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Stupor Mundi is an Olive Oil’s brand imported by Gruppo Fiorito. The company trades organic extra virgin olive oil that is derived from cold-pressed olives. The place of the company is in Torremaggiore’s area, a town in Tavoliere delle Puglie, the heart of Peranzana Olives.

The olive oil plant spans over a big area including modern machinery, an automated distribution line and a high quality standardization facility.

The Company constantly experiments with new flavors in an effort to unravel the numerous possibilities offered by the Peranzana’s oil in Tavoliere delle Puglie and its surrounding areas.

The Company Gruppo Fiorito in the Olive Oil production was founded with the effort and experience of four generations dedicated to Peranzana olive production and commercialization. The main area of the trees are located in and nearby Torremaggiore, in the heart of Tavoliere delle Puglie. Just on the cross point of millenary cultures and the geographical point of the rich soil of the Tavoliere delle Puglie land.

The Tavoliere delle Puglie is the heart of the biggest and most extensive “Peranzana” olive oil production area. In this area the olive trees were planted, grown and harvest by expert hands during more than eight decades by members of Fiorito’s family.

This experience gives our olive oil products an excellent quality which is reflected on our Stupor Mundi brand, this is our best quality olive oil, capable to conquer the most exquisite tastes.